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The Essential Oils You & Your Family NEED Every Day

Young Living's products are the purest, highest quality products on the planet. Known to dump out thousands of gallons of oils that do not meet their standard of perfection, Young Living's only goal is to enhance the health of their consumers through the use of natural products of excellent quality that have been derived straight from the Earth.

Ningxia Red is an absolute health essential. Created with Wolfberries from China and completely loaded with antioxidants, Wolfberries contain every essential amino acid, making them one of the most protein-rich fruits in the world. Ningxia Red is essential for overall whole-body health, supports your body's immune system, and provides energy support.

In addition to Ningxia Red, there are many Young Living Essential Oils that you should be using every day to naturally enhance your health and add value to your lifestyle.

The first and most versatile oil is Lavender. Lavender calms the mind, soothes the skin, and everything in between. Lavender can calm the nervous system, cleanse and soothe minor skin irritations, and aid in healing blemishes.

The next oil you MUST use daily is peppermint. Peppermint helps to cool fatigued muscles after physical activity, enhance gut function, and reduces the feelings of discomfort after small meals. You know those mints they give out at restaurants? Ditch the sugar, put a drop of peppermint in your water instead. You'll be glad you did..

..You'll also be glad you added Frankincense to your daily routine. Frankincense not only grounds us spiritually and emotionally, but it also reduces signs of aging and evens skin tones - a MUST HAVE to your daily skincare routine.

Thieves is a product you'll find in your starter kit, and something you should diffusing every day. 22 seconds after entering the air, Thieves purifies the room, it cleanses skin when applied topically, and supports immune function.

Like Peppermint, Panaway is an excellent way to soothing sore muscles after strenuous exercise. Panaway can be used topically in sore areas, on the bottoms of feet for a soothing foot massage, or applied to the abdomen on a warm towel for digestive relief.

Each of these oils are in the premium starter kit, which is offered at an EXTREMELY discounted rate. You may purchase it here:

For a comprehensive list of Young Living Products and their benefits, please visit the link below and contact me with any questions!

Be Well,

Dr. Botta

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