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The pandemic that we are experiencing as not only a county or a state, but a nation, regarding opioids is heartbreaking.

What saddens (and, truthfully, angers me) the most is the fact that there are ways around the use of painkillers. For 200 years, chiropractors have been relieving human beings from severe pain through techniques that seem to often be overlooked by doctors and pharmaceutical companies.

While reading the paper the other day, I came across a story which explained that the push for nonaddictive painkillers has come into play. That lawmakers are hopeful that we will be graced with nonaddictive painkillers in no more than five years.

A couple problems with this..

1. Do we realize how many innocent lives we lose each day? And we are expected to wait five years? Do we realize how many families and loved ones of those who struggle with addiction are put through such pain? Five years?!

2. As I mentioned, it is the most heartbreaking knowing that in my practice, pain relief is the most important thing. Chiropractors everywhere work daily with their patients to provide real, holistic care to those who suffer. Whether that be with musculoskeletal issues, weight problems, or their all around health. This is done without drugs, and without surgery.

While reading this article, I also learned that said lawmaker made his way to a hospital in Tennessee to observe 30 newborn babies, 10 of which were experiencing withdrawal symptoms from opioids. This is proof that even those who can't choose whether or not to take these drugs, are suffering from this issue.

It was said that other hospitals reported similar alarming numbers, and that hospital visits in general are up 30% from last year.

I choose to spend a great amount of time with my patients. Sure, this allows for less time for a larger volume of patients, but the goal when someone walks into my office is to treat them well, to treat them individually, to give them the personalized care they deserve.

It takes a complete assessment to find the problem that someone is having, and that is where we work together to reach a solution. I also make it very clear to my patients that all systems of our bodies are connected. If one area of the human body is in pain, it is due to another area of the body which is failing.

Instead of prescribing drugs or prescription medicines to put a band-aid over the problem, I work with my patients, assign them homework, and re-work with them again to achieve comfort.

Each person deserves the opportunity to live a pain free life. But, they should not have to take drugs or undergo surgery unless it is completely necessary.

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